We provide pro-active and reactive monitoring for linear channels and events. Our specialized team is devoted to detect and solve issues 24/7 before they impact your audience.

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Our NOC never sleeps

We supervise linear channels and events, and understand the whole streaming process from signal acquisition to the final user. Our team is trained to monitor and solve issues 24/7, 365 days a year.


We design a plan for each client, optimizing their resources and collaborating with their team and strategy to reduce cost and complexity without sacrificing quality for the final users.

Throughout the NOC we monitor every step of the stream. Your content is being watched and cared by a team of proffesionals the whole time.

  • The full picture

    From the origin to the player: we monitor every step of the process to ensure that everything works properly.

  • Periodic checks

    We run tests periodically using different devices and browsers. We also check SmartTVs and SetTopBoxes if required.

  • Reports

    We create and distribute reports on linear channels and events. This includes stats, health notes, and indexes from all available sources.


    Whenever we can, we work inmediatly to fix any issue, or notify who is in charge, improving the experience of the users and reducing errors. Our team work with the most efficient and well known platforms in the market.

  • Support

    We are ready to tackle any incident, wherever it may be happening: acquisition, encoding/transcoding, player or distribution.

The NOC in numbers

For the last 5 years, we have monitores linear channels and eventos from the source to the user. This is our operation in numbers.

  • +45.000

    events monitored

  • +9.2MM

    hours monitored

  • +3.200

    issues reported

  • +3.000

    warnings reported

  • +8.000

    VODs analyzed and/or corrected

  • +7.500

    checks performed

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