DirecTV Sports Latin America

Sports site re-launch for Latin America in in just 5 months:
team work achieved it.

About DIRECTV Sports

DIRECTV Sports is the digital platform where DIRECTV's customers from LATAM access to exclusive Live and OnDemand content from DIRECTV Sports channels. It also has editorial content, news, real-time stats, highlights and the best information on sports around the globe..

DIRECTV Sports channel operates from Argentina, but broadcasts for Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú and Uruguay.

About the project

Launch: May 1st 2021

About the work done

DIRECTV Sports wanted to replace their previous solution. They needed flexibility and availability to handle user peaks, and at the same time, guarantee quality for premium events.

Also, they needed a full renovation of their OTT platform, frontends, backends, APIs, CMS. Through SOUL, we could deliver this demand end-to-end, providing a technological step forward, and giving the users a best-of-breed experience.

The DIRECTV Sports solution has 3 linear 24/7 channels, and exclusive channels for different sports and events as big as FIFA World Cups.

SOUL transcode the signals, encrypt them with a token and distribute the content following geo-restricción rules.

DIRECTV Sports also uses Live2VOD capabilites to create clips after each game.

SOUL orchestrates all the content, calendarize automatically every live event, manages subscriptions, provide the frontends for Web browsers and the API for iOS/Android, and controls geo-restrition.

We give DIRECTV Sports team theSOUL Dashboard, a complete and intuitive CMS for their everyday tasks

Our team integrated OPTA Perform and Wildmoka services, giving the OTT the change to manage editorial content through the platform.

The main feature of SOUL for DIRECTV Sports is the ability to handle multiple channels, video sources, calendarization through priority, sports, leagues, category, among others.


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