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LSD Live tackles technological challenges to offer an excellent and successful experience on all connected video devices. We develop solutions that make it easy to spin up and manage OTT services in a fast, easy-to-use and successful way.

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At LSD Live we have focused from scratch in improving the online-video experience for a maturing market. This became our vision and then our mission. We are nowadays the leading and most experienced live-streaming company in the region. We were able to immediately grasp what the new paradigm would be: that users would enjoy videos whenever, wherever and anyway they choose.

That future has arrived: now our challenge is to be at the centre of the user experience, providing A POWERFUL SET OF SOLUTIONS DEVELOPED FOR for content producers in THE OTT INDUSTRY. LSD Live tackles technological challenges in order to offer a best-of-breed and successful experience in all connected video devices.
We develop solutions that make it easy to spin up and manage OTT services efficiently and quickly. LSD LIVE builds a suite of powerful tools that enable all media companies to deliver customized user experiences across all devices, in real-time, helping speed up growth and increase retention across the audience lifecycle.

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LSD Live is proud to have developed over the years an entertaining and creative environment in which groups of programmers, operators, producers, editors and post-producers work together to achieve a common goal: creating the best and most entertaining video streaming experiences.

Angel Mazzarello CEO & Co-Founder
Joaquin Bachrach COO & Co-Founder
Daro Santos CTO & Co-Founder
Nacho Mileo CBDO
Dylan Williams Events Director & Co-Founder
Patricio Cummins Board Member


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Today, consumers access their preferred OTT service from multiple devices. This growth leads to a multitude of offers in the industry. Within the OTT & TVE ecosystems, LSD LIVE is an integration specialist and collaborates with multiple technology partners and platforms.


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