Extended from a strong platform,
tailored to your video needs

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LIVE PASS is a robust, white-labeled, cloud-based App CMS platform that enables end-to-end live and VOD video solutions to be implemented quickly and cost effectively on all connected devices.


Real time analytics tool,
easy to read, easy to use

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Live Eye ® is a real-time audience analytics tool. It’s EASY-to-READ & EASY-to-USE, built to analyze behavior within streaming audio, live video and on-demand video (VOD), developed to satisfy the needs of OTT / TVE video operators, online radios and streaming services in real time. Analyze and monitor key visualization metrics.


Deliver the best experience and audio quality on all devices for your audience

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Take care of your content, we will do the rest. Our LIVE RADIO platform gives you an audio-centric website, and builds applications for iOS, Android, with a unique user experience.


We monitor every part of the chain of a livestreaming, detecting and solving problems
in real-time

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Our eyes-on-screen team allow us to detect and solve problems early, improving our customer’s customers user experience. Our engineers manage the most effective and efficient traffic control tools in the market: Youbora, Microsoft Azure, Touchstream, Cires21 among others.


Turn-key solutions optimized for live broadcast experiences.

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Our vast technical knowledge, experience and creativity allow us to achieve unique streaming experiences for your audience. Our expertise is based in helping plan, produce and execute high impact live video events for: Concerts and massive music festivals, Corporate events, Conferences, Trainings and product releases.

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Here's the latest that's happening at LSD Live.

We've been selected again for the LiveStreaming and CCTV of the famous festival for the fourth time.

Lollapalooza 2019 EVENT - EYE - NOC

Welcome America TV Group! One of the most prestigious media broadcast company of Argentina.

Grupo America PASS - EYE - NOC - RADIO

We aquire and encode more than 25 channels for Directv PLAY & Sports LATAM, using Harmonic Technology.

AT&T Directv NOC - EYE


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