Live NOC

Our eyes on screen team give us the ability to detect and solve problems early,
improving our customer’s customers user experience. Our engineers manage the most popular and efficient traffic control platforms in the market:Youbora, Microsoft Azure, Touchstream, Cires21 among others.

24/7/365 Support

Our Live NOC never sleeps. We supervise live channels and events, and understand the process of live streaming from signal acquisition to the final visualization on the user's side. Our engineers are trained to monitor and troubleshoot 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Acquisition, encoding and delivery

We provide end-to-end services from our Data Center located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are equipped with satellite downlink antennas and a large, fully redundant encoding farm equipped with top shelf components. From acquisition and processing to distribution to all connected digital devices in the world, we ensure the highest quality and lowest latency in your live transmissions.


We work with leading CDNs to ensure that your content arrives smoothly to all viewers, whatever device they use. We tailor design multi CDN distribution solutions to ensure the success of critical events.


We have automatic failover connectivity and electricity redundancy to ensure that your signal is always active and monitored.

Technical support

Our team is prepared to respond and resolve any incident, whether it happens during acquisition, encoding, transcoding, player or distribution.

First in Fix

Whenever we can, we will work immediately to solve any inconvenience that a signal may have, or notify the respective parties to act accordingly.

Customized Solutions

We design specific solutions for each client, optimizing their resources and collaborating with their video strategy, reducing costs and complexity, and achieving an optimal user experience.

Live Eye®

Live Eye® is our real time analytics tool created for live audiences, designed to help you grow your business. Measure, understand and control user experiences in a complete and unique tool.
Live Eye® provides you complete and relevant information from your users behavior in real time.

Connected studio

We have a studio ready to go live via live streaming, located in Buenos Aires.

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