Live Eye ®

Live Eye ® is a real-time audience analytics tool. It’s EASY-to-READ & EASY-to-USE, built to analyze behavior within streaming audio, live video and on-demand video (VOD), developed to satisfy the needs of OTT / TVE video operators, online radios and streaming services in real time.
Analyze and monitor key visualization metrics.

How can Live Eye ® help your business?

¿How does it work?

Live Eye® is very simple. A plug-in must be inserted in the player's embed code. It's ready to use with: JW, Flow, Ooyala, Brightcove, Kaltura, The Platform, Strobe.

Key features

Real-time user metrics

You can access the following information of a channel or group of channel’s,minute-by-minute for the last 24 hours:

Advanced view feature list

Ability to access historical information filtered by time intervals (today, yesterday, last week, custom, etc.); contains the following sections:

Real-time QoS

Ability to view information in real time around different metrics related to the quality of service of your streams. You can access the following sections:


this function allows administrators to upload and browse the program guide for a channel belonging to an account.


this function allows the configuration of different types of alerts for each channel at different times:


This function allows the creation of users, accounts, channels, groups and alerts.

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